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Siddya Organic Henna Indigo Reetha Amla Shikakai Powder Combo Of 5 For Hair each 100 grm (Henna+indigo+Reetha+Amla+Shikakai) – ShopEverything

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We bring you natural formulations of organic hair colour products like Indigo Powder, Henna Powder as well as an Amla, Reetha and Shikaki powder that comes with many beneficial properties. Indigo possesses a Natural Blue Dye in its leaves that when used with Henna will dye your Hair in a range of colours from auburn, orange, burgundy, chestnut brown or dark, black just the way you want them to be. Products we deal in:

SIDDYA ORGANIC Indigo Powder: An excellent, all-natural hair colourant that imparts a rich black colour when used with Henna.
SIDDYA ORGANIC Henna Powder: An excellent, all-natural hair conditioner and colourant that adds richness and shine.
SIDDYA ORGANIC Amla Powder: Amla powder is a powerhouse of nutrients. Amla powder, available here, is dried and powdered, it’s been used for thousands of years as one of the most potent and nourishing herbs in India. While there are numerous benefits to consuming this herb, amla powder naturally supports healthy, shiny hair and glowing skin.
SIDDYA ORGANIC Reetha Powder: Reetha Powder is a natural product that provides all sorts of haircare required by your delicate strands. Reetha has been considered the perfect friend for hair care and skin care since ages and thus this product is a perfect solution to get great, attractive hair and skin naturally.
SIDDYA ORGANIC Shikakai Powder: Shikakai is a commonly used herb that has many remedial qualities. It is popularly referred as “fruit for the hair” as it has a naturally mild pH, that helps gently clean the hair without stripping it of natural oils. Shikakai is used to help reduce dandruff, improve hair quality and strengtheningof hair roots.

SIDDYA ORGANIC Brahmi Powder:Brahmi Powder is powerful remedy for bringing a prominent solution for all hair issues
SIDDYA ORGANIC Neem Leaf Powder:Natural Neem Leaf Powder

✓Shikakai hair growth by giving your scalp a collagen boost (4) ✓It is also a great source of antioxidants that help prevent free radical damage
✓One of the greatest benefits of using shikakai as a regular cleanser is that it is all natural, so you won’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals seeping into your body, but there are many other benefits
✓Deep Conditioning Damage Repair Anti-dandruff and anti-hair fall Nourishment & Moisturization Natural colour
✓ It is advisable to close the cap of the bottle tightly after every use to protect the product from moisture & humidity which will restrict any lump formation in powder.

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