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Samurai Kurobushi 1K & Patented 2K Spray paint system can be used as a touch up or Restore or Complete your paint projects for – Motorcycle, Two Wheelers, Scooty, Cars, Metal & Plastic Automotive parts, Bicycles, Helmets, Metal- Doors,Grills, Gates & Artificats, Wood & Metal – Furniture, Acrylic & Fibre sheets, Plastics and various other objects & surfaces. All our products are designed with advanced Japanese technology and are made in Malaysia.
SAMURAI KUROBUSHI Spray Paint 1K Standard Colours are often used as a Colour coat and also as an undercoat for fluorescent, bright colors such as red, yellow, etc. 
➢ Samurai Kurobushi  spray paint is gasoline/petrol resistant. It won’t dissolve or fade when gasoline is poured on it as opposed to other brands. It also crack resistant. Since Samurai Kurobushi paint is used in motorcycles and exterior items  which are exposed to the sun, rain and other weather factors, plastics or metals can expand and shrink thus making other paint crack. Samurai is flexible enough so this does not happen and the paint integrity is maintained.
➢ With DIY Spray paint technology, Samurai Kurobushi Spray paint gives professional quality finish which can be done with ease AT YOUR HOME.
➢ Samurai Kurobushi’s Special nozzles allow the person to spray closer to be object, as close as 10-12cm, while other brands must be sprayed between 28-30cm. This enables the user tominimize the wastage of the paint.
➢ Most Samurai Kurobushi paint products can withstand upto 190 C temperature, Whereas Hi-Temp paint can withstand approximately 600 C.
➢ Choose from Samurai Kurobushi’s 1K or 2K Spray paint systems –
1K Spray paints are economical with 2 year gloss retention whereas,
2K Spray paints are much more durable with 5 year gloss retention with Excellent Weather resistance, Abrasion against scratches, Adhesion & hardness, Anti-corrosion properties.

Get Smooth Black finish with user friendly nossle for Horizontal & vertical spraying Low sagging paint formula
Gasoline/Petrol Resistance, Crack Resistance, Exterior grade -Non fading, Durable & Elastic
Anti-Corrosive, Extra Hiding power, Non toxic, Non Chipping, Crack Resistant, Lead free
Smooth High Gloss & Matt finishes Which will last for years to come with minimum maintenance, Motorcycle & Multi purpose usage.


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